Etiquettes to Remember When Going to a Corporate Dinner

Even if you are dressed professionally and your corporate car service has been there on time and you are not a second late to your corporate dinner.

You’d still not be able to redeem yourself if you end up breaking any of the major rules of etiquette of corporate dinner. Corporate dinners are not like regular dinner dates with family and friends, here your reputation is on line and you can actually make an impression on someone important by following the rules. Therefore, as soon as you book a car service near me make sure to get this refresher course:

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·   Silence your cell phone:

Remember that your present company is important and they deserve your full attention and participation in the dinner. So unless there is any emergency situation, turn off your phone or turn the ringer off.  It is a very rude social crisis when your phone suddenly interrupts someone’s conversation or your constant texting is making you appear rude.

·  Eat at a medium pace:

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You might be going to a corporate dinner with your Houston Corporate Car Service but that doesn’t mean you are going for the sole purpose of feeding yourself. Make sure you’ve had something to eat before you go so that you are not too hungry when eating or have no desire for food at all. Also eat at a medium pace so that you can hold conversations while eating.

· Cut your food:

Do not take bites directly out of a big piece of meat or eat big bites in one go. Make sure to cut your food first in small bite size pieces and put it in your mouth. Putting the food all at once can cause embarrassing situations. Make sure you are not the last one on the dinner or traveling there on a bus. Book a ride from car service in Houston for the sake of your repute.

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