Essentials for a Day Trip by Charter bus rental near me

Are you planning a city tour as part of your wedding celebrations?

Or do you want to go for a daytrip with your BFFs to unwind before the wedding celebrations start?

If yes, then the very first thing you need to do is to search for a Charter Bus Rental near Me. Once you have hired a coach or a party bus from a reputable Charter Bus Rental Company, only then you should go for deciding the place(s) you want to visit, and make other preparations.

Packing for a daytrip can be overwhelming, particularly if you are going for it for the first time. The most important thing to keep in mind for a daytrip is to travel light; carry a bag pack rather than a suit case. But, there are certain things that you need to carry. To help you with daytrip packing, we are listing the essentials that you should carry.

Sunglasses and Umbrella

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You would be out for the whole day. Even if you have hired a party bus from Charter Bus Service, you would be under the sun for hours. In addition to sunglasses, you should carry an umbrella to provide additional protection from the sun. Carrying an umbrella becomes all the more important if you live in a tropical country or it is likely to rain during the day.


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Going on a daytrip without a sunscreen is a big NO for everyone in general and brides-to-be in particular. The last thing a girl wants is to be sun burned on her wedding day. Apply sunscreen generously before leaving the house and also take it with you because to get constant protection from UV rays, you need to apply sunblock after every 4 to 5 hours.

Look for the instructions on the pack for application directions.


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Staying hydrated is really important for health. And all the brides-to-be, if you want your skin to glow on the BIG DAY, drinking lots and lots of water is the easiest way to ensure this. Since trips and tours mean a lot of activities, you will be needing water more frequently. Therefore, having a generous supply of water is must.

Travel Size Beauty Kit

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Another must have for all the beautiful girls who want to look beautiful throughout the day. Make your own beauty kit that should have products you cannot survive without. For example, a perfume, facial wipes or a face wash, face powder, a lipstick or lip balm, a mascara and some bobby pins and hair bands.

Make sure to carry all the products in travel size or you would end up adding many Kgs to your luggage.


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You would surely want to capture the beautiful moments to turn them into memories. Therefore, a camera should not forgotten on a daytrip.

First Aid box

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No matter how many precautionary measures you take or how safe you travel in the bus you have hired from the Charter Bus Company, we cannot rule out the possibility of unexpected injuries, falls and slips while on the move. Also, travelling makes you tried and you may suffer from headache. Therefore, a first aid kit containing pain killers, band aids, and cotton (you may add other items that you find important) should be in the list of daytrip essentials.

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