6 Practical Steps to an Eco-Friendly Wedding

The truth is modern weddings are not exactly the most eco-friendly event that today’s society can have.

When an average wedding is over there are pounds of food left-over, table cloths and décor are thrown into the garbage, and multiple cars are taken to the same place.

6 Practical Steps to an Eco-Friendly Wedding

If our environment matters to you, and you think you can do a little better, check out these amazing tips on how to make an effort towards a greener tomorrow and a more rewarding wedding experience.

Urge your guests to carpool. After all, everyone is going to the same place! A simple meeting place can be designated, or more than one for people coming from different directions.  If you don’t think your guests will go for the carpooling, you can always provide Houston Airport Transportation for them.

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If multiple people will be arriving at the airport the same day, instead of grabbing Houston Airport Car Service, consider a bus. Instead of 50-plus cars, there will only be the emissions of a single bus, whose exhaust will certainly not equal anywhere near to fifty cars.

Beside grabbing a Sedan Car Service Houston loves for its hybrid series, you can choose the right place to wed. Many places have in-house catering, but if you find a venue that allows DIY or outside food services.

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Have recycling bins at your wedding and encourage people to recycle!

Donate leftover items instead of throwing them away. Give them to family or take them to a Salvation Army.

Create a compost bin, both for the kitchen workers and the guests.

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