3 Most Common Mistakes Brides Make When Shopping for the Wedding Dress

Wedding dress shopping can be an overwhelming experience for majority of the brides-to-be as they do not have experience of buying a wedding gown.

While every girl fantasizes about finding the ‘right’ dress for her wedding, not everyone is lucky enough to find the dress easily that would turn heads on her BIG DAY. However, wedding dress shopping can be made easier.


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All you need is a little planning and hiring a car from Houston Car Service so, you won’t get exhausted by visiting various stores and/or designers. Wedding Car Services not only offers Wedding Limo Rental for your wedding day, but you can also book the car of your choice for personal ventures, such as wedding shopping.

To help you in the process of finding the perfect wedding gown, we are highlighting the most common mistakes brides make while dress shopping. So, make sure you don’t make them or they will affect your big day.

Buying the Dress Too Early

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Majority of the brides-to-be get super excited with the idea of tying the knot and the first thing they do is to order their wedding dress, without taking into account the fact that there is still too much time left in the ceremony. 

Ordering the wedding gown before finalizing the kind of wedding one is going to have, the weather at the time of wedding, venue and theme is one of the biggest mistakes brides make, according to the pros. Also, there is a likelihood that the bridal dress trends may change by the time of your wedding and the last thing a girl wants on her wedding is wearing an out-of-fashion gown.

Taking Too Many People with Them

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While both brides and their friends and family members are excited for the wedding and want to be a part of your wedding dress shopping journey, taking too many people is one of the worst mistakes you could make. Even if you have hired a (LIMO) to go for the meeting with the designer, take only few people with you. Remember, more people means more opinions and more confusion. Everyone has a different taste so, only take those few people who you know have a good fashion sense.

Not Being Open Minded

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A lot of brides go for the dress shopping with a specific design and/or cut in mind and then stick to it without even considering their body shape, comfort and practicality. While it’s good to have an idea about the kind of overall look you want, keep your mind open to designer’s suggestions and recommendations. There is no harm in trying out a different cut or design.

Bonus Tip: Book the car for dress shopping from the same Wedding Car Service you have booked your wedding transport from because you may get a discount!

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